McCracken's Journalism Training

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Patti McCracken was twice a Knight International Press Fellow, assigned to Central and Eastern Europe. As a journalism trainer, she has worked extensively throughout the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, North Africa and SE Asia. McCracken has worked for such organizations as the International Center for Journalists, Independent Journalism Foundation, IREX, Media Diversity Institute and others. She was a senior project manager at European Journalism Centre. She specializes in visual journalism, newsroom training, curriculum development and various reporting enhancement skills training. In 2007, McCracken designed and helped launch Thanh Nien Daily in Vietnam, and later its sister publication, Thanh Nien Sports and Entertainment.

McCracken has taught MA courses throughout the developing democracies of Eastern Europe, including Republic of Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia. She regularly presents seminars at Universitaet Donau in Krems, Austria, and is an adjunct professor at Webster University (Vienna campus).

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Corporate Writing/Editing, and Other Projects

Patti McCracken also writes B2B articles for various consulting, environmental and management firms. Clients have also included The Economist Group, Ltd., Metrinomics (Berlin) and MCP (Slovakia). She is available for writing and editorial services. Do you have a corporate assignment for McCracken? Get In Touch  Skype: pattimccracken