“It was a ‘business of poisoning’

The boldness and utter callousness [of] ... their criminal activities seems to have been equalled only by the stupidity of ... their victims.”

– John “Jack” MacCormac,
New York Times, March 1930

The Angel Makers is a true-crime story like no other: a 1920s village midwife, who may have been the century’s most prolific killer, led a murder ring of women responsible for the deaths of at least 160 men.

The midwife—known to all as Auntie Suzy—was a “smiling buddha” with a waddling gait, who kept a secret vial stashed in her apron pocket. She bustled through the village, poking her nose into her neighborwomen’s troubled lives, whispered “Why are you bothering with him? I have a way …”

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 After nearly two decades in Europe, McCracken now resides on Martha’s Vineyard.

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I won’t ever forget the first drive to Szolnok to dig into the material. I had set out before dawn from my house in Austria in my beloved red Peugeot 207 (name: Francois).

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Meet “Auntie Suzy”, the woman responsible for bringing wholesale murder to the Great Plains of Hungary.

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