Hot Shot Hungarians!

Zsa Zsa Gabor! Drew Barrymore (sure!) And there're more!

Here's a look at some of Hungary's many, many, many notables:

Erno Rubik. Architect who invented the Rubik’s Cube when he was looking for an effective way to teach 3D design to his university students. So not only brilliant, but a brilliant teacher, too.

Agnes Keleti. At 102 (as of February 2023), she is the oldest living Olympian. A gymnast, she won ten Olympic medals, including five gold, three silver, and two bronze.

Maria Telkes. Biophysicist. Scientist. Inventor of solar energy technologies. Nickname: “Sun Queen”

Count Almasy. Aristocratic adventurer, explorer, Nazy spy and protagonist in the English Patient. His cousin, btw, was Sandor Almasy, governor of the Szolnok region during the Angel Makers' trials.

Katalin Kariko. Biologist who played a key role in developing the Covid 19 vaccine.

Laszlo Biro. Invented the ballpoint pen. In German, and I presume other languages, such pens are just called “biros.” As in, “hand me that biro.” And then there's the place I've recently learned about where all lost pens go, Planet Biroid.

Charles Simonyi. Computer programmer who, for better or for worse, brought us Microsoft Word and Excel.

Drew Barrymore. Actor. Her mother is Ildiko Mako, a Hungarian who was born in a WWII German camp set up for Hungarian refugees.

Robert Capa. One of the greatest photojournalists in history.

Estee Lauder. Inventor, entrepreneur. Born in America to Hungarian immigrants.

Tony Curtis. Actor. Born in America to Hungarian immigrants. Until the age of six, little Tony thought he was living in Hungary because everyone around him was speaking Hungarian. How precious is that?

Harry Houdini. Escape artist. I'd write more, but words escape me.

Anyos Jedlik. Inventor of carbonated water. Thanks to him, we have a choice of sparkling or still.

Joseph Pulitzer. Journalist, Politician, and who knew-- Civil War soldier, Union Army (joined upon immigration). And.. YES--creator of the Pulitzer Prize. And... YES--the Columbia Journalism School.

Albert Szentgyorgyi. Medical scientist who discovered Vitamin C. Thanks, doc!

George Soros. Billionnaire philanthropist and advocate of open societies; founder of the Open Society Institute.

Bela Lugosi. Actor—Count Drrracula!!

Bela Bartok. One of the most important composers of the 20th Century.

Peter Karolyi Goldmark. Physicist who invented color TV, so we could grow up watching The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings.