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I moved to Szolnok for a few months while digging into the nitty gritty of the archives.

My dear friend, a four-legged named Remi, was with me. We were living about a 3-hour drive away in Austria. She was a good co-pilot. 

She missed those Austrian fields while we were in Szolnok. Taking her to the green space at the artist colony was not even close to her idea of fun. But she tried. Remi was always a big hider when it came to play. She’d dash behind a tree, or behind some bushes,  then spring out at me minutes later—SURPRISE!

She once hid so well at her petsitter’s apartment, that the petsitter called her husband in tears, thinking Remi had somehow jumped to her death off the 3rd floor balcony of their Vienna apartment. Remi eventually reappeared in the living room with a streak of grease down her back. She’d been hiding behind a bicycle in the foyer the whole time.

But she’s not fooling anyone here. Remi, we can see you. We can see all of you.